COMPANY PROFILE Golden Daun Keo Rice Mill Business is part of the Canadia Incorporated Enterprise Group.We earned the rely on and confidence of our consumers Rice Bran Oil worldwide with our high quality products and skilled management, allowing people to expand our pursuits in agribusiness. Our company has developed seven system Babylon paddy hemp for storage boats with a volume of 31,000 tons, we are able to put the Jasmine Paddy to supply for current market needed using the high quality. To supply high-quality rice and the best gear, we imported generators from China, Okazaki, japan, which is equipped with the latest modern techniques include: - Sift thoroughly clean (system) - Soft rice (system) - Choose size (method) - Choose good quality (should be use Colour sorter) - Measuring, considering and packaging electronic (system) Factory 1: located in Takeo Province (Glowing Daunkeo) Address: Chres Village, Roka Khnong Commune, Daunkeo Area. Takeo Province, National Highway No. 2, Cambodia. IMG_1500 Manufacturer 2: located in Battambang State (Golden Daun Teav) Address: Prek Ta Chhreng Town, PrekNorin Commune, Eak Phnom District, Battambang Province, Cambodia. IMG_1602 Manufacturing Rice Mill Machine plant 3: located in Battambang Domain (Outaky Plant) Address: Porpealkher Town, Otaky Commune, Thmarkaul District, Battambang Province, Cambodia.