Energy Rice Mill Machine Price use routine in rice millingindustries—a critical appraisal REVIEWEnergy use structure in rice millingindustries—a essential appraisalS. K. Goyal & S. V. Jogdand & A. Rice Bran Oil K. Agra walRevised: 15 April Next year / Accepted: Seventeen May 2012#Association of Food Scientists & Technologists (India) 2012Abstract Almond milling industry is the most energyconsuming industries. Like money, labour and content ,energy is one of the generation factors which accustomed to pro-duce final product. Within economical term, vitality is demand-derived goods and will be regarded as more advanced goodwhose demand depends on the particular demand of final product.This paper handles various types of energy structure usedin rice milling indus attempts viz., thermal energy, mechanicalenergy, electrical energy and human electricity. The importantutilities in a rice mill are water, air, steam, energy andlabour. In a rice generator some of the operations tend to be donemanually namely, cleaning, sunshine drying, feeding paddy tothe suitable container elevators, weighing and packaging, etc. So theman-hours may also be included in energy human resources. Water isused for placing and steam technology. Electricity is themain energy source for these rice mills and is imported formthe state electricity board power grids. Electricity is used to be able to runmotors, pumps, blowers, conveyors, fans, lighting, etc. Thevariations in the consumption rate of energy with the use