Gayathri Rice Mill is found at Palakkad district, in any other case called granary of Kerala condition. Palakkad produces more than 1 / 2 of the paddy cultivated within the state and it is below the authentic selection Palakkadan Matta rice, the most positive among keralites, Rice Bran Oil Machine has all the inherent features at its best. Though rice processing will be as old as grain cultivation , nowadays as a result of commercialization coarse methods are less costly and output is actually economical but at the cost of nutrient valuations and health hazard. Gayathri Routine was started in the year 1963 and updated periodically with the and then available latest machineries. Coming from post harvest remedy and storage to be able to processing in stainless plants, to farming, grading and searching and automatic bagging constantly hygienic methods are generally maintained along with the processing techniques for minimum Rice Mill Machine Price lack of nutrients values in the long run product.Selected whole grains varieties of palakkad are selected and procured for the year long requirement ,and hence year throughout the quality, taste and cooking features are generally obtained. Gayathri Rice Mill is at present a new fourth generation loved ones enterprise Comprising of technical engineers and professionals who will almost always be in pursuit of perfection.