We are an German soap machine producer and exporter for over Five decades. Starting these years of experience about various soap machines we are in a position to supply entire soap lines and also single machines such as saponification plants, crutchers, dryer plant life, chill rolls, ponder scales, amalgamators, roll generators, all types of plodders, cutters devices, stampers / soap engages, various types of conveyors and all kinds of packaging machines including soap wrappers, stretch movie wrappers (from 50 to be able to 250 p.s.m.) and multi-packaging models.

We are supplier associated with multinational companies like Colgate Palmolive, Unilever or Procter Gamble as the quality of our machine is really high


We are able to follow our consumers in each step with their projects: technical conversations, preparation of offers using full details, preliminary designs, various engineering companies, supply of equipment, set up, commissioning and start up.


Our own products include the subsequent machines:


-Toilet soap finishing lines of any measurement from 75kg to 3,Thousand kg/h .

-Laundry soap lines

-Continuous or perhaps batch saponification plants as well as vacuum spray clothes dryer plants.from basic fats or essential fatty acids

-Vacuum drying plants

-New Transavon unique plodder: these machines can mill, refiner and extrude the detergent without use the Three roll mills.

-Brand brand-new machines for water soap, with more than A decade of experience in see-through soap



Fresh S.W.My partner and i.N.G. (Cleansing soap With Inside Glycerin) saponification: these are better and less expensive compared to "traditional saponification"



 "Filled soaps" equipments, normally laundry soaps. Inside the formulations there are some "fillers" like kaolin, talk, sodium silicate, and many others.

-Soap packaging machines such as soap wrapper, soap cartoner, cleaning soap over-wrapping, etc



 Toilet Detergent Transfer Units (programmed soap feeders) that could be applied to different packaging machines: continuous motion cartoners, flow (pillow) wrappers, classic wrappers and bundlers (over-wrappers). With design adjustments we can offer units for so a variety of available brands. Shows vary from 150 to be able to 300 cycles per minute.




 Single machines for example dosing units, three roll-mills, crutchers, hair dryer plants, chill sheets, weigh scales, amalgamators, rotate mills, all types of plodders, blades machines, stampers / cleaning soap presses, conveyors and equipment

Fully rim stop lines or single machines such as double-arm sigma appliances, twin-screw or single-screw extruders, automatic cutters for any production velocity, turboflow units (automatic water temperature thermoregulator) and dosing units with regard to color and perfume.

We supply refurbished models of famous brands for example Mazzoni, Binacchi, Maccaniche Moderne, SAS, IMSA, W&S, Acma, etc. We have additionally more than 350 utilized soap machines designed for all types of productions: washing soap, toilet soap and hotel soap. The range of machines include full machine plants as well as double-arm sigma mixers, ribbon mixers, roll mills, plodders/refiners, blades, presses, wrappers, bundlers, drying vegetation, laboratory equipment....

Each of our second-hand equipment is supplied entirely reconditioned: we disassemble the machines, we change all the worn out parts and we help make we the deficient parts. Finally many of us test the machine with all the final product. We supply our machines with guarantee.


Important prompt for new soap producers


We produce and export only machines for industrial production and not for tiny scale production. 

The minimum price to the smalest semi-automatic new finishing cleansing soap line 75-100kg per hour is about 65,000 Euros EXW

The minimum cost for a new Small Scale Saponification Plants (sssp) for 50kg batches production is about 30,000 Euros EXW


To generate soap, there are 2 systems:


1) Starting from natural material (oil or even tallow + soda):

For this system, the manufacturer must to purchase 1 saponification plant + One particular vacuum dryer (to make soap noodles) + 1 soap finishing line OR 1 saponification grow + 1 cooling system (to produce laundry soap cafes) OR new progressive system with A single Jet saponification plant + One particular coolling system (to produce soap noodles and laundry soap bars) 

Plants are not rigid products, they are a chain of kit some of them of special design for the cleansing soap industry, some others general-purpose devices. As a combination of gadgets, the final design must be tailored for the customer. Our mission and steady effort is to "listen" towards the customers and design "their" place with "our" expertise.

Bare minimum capacity for new 500 kg/h except SSSP

Minimum capacity for fully reconditioned: 1000 kg/h


2) Finishing traces starting from soap spaghetti (pellets)

Soap finishing is the transformation of soap noodles into formulated stamped soap cafes (tablets). 

Soap finish consists of several operating stages: pre-refining, mixing, refining and extrusion, stamping and packaging.

For this method, the soap manufacturer will buy only the detergent noodles from large soap factory that produces them with saponification plant + dryer vacuum plant

The goal is to refine/homogenize and compact item with optimum actual physical and chemical functions. 

Minimum capacity for brand new: 75-100 kg/h

Minimum capacity for totally reconditioned: 500 kg/h


Italian single soap equipment request

Soap Making Machine


For a solitary machine request always be kind enough to precise if you seek double-arm sigma mixers, ribbon mixers, roll mills, plodders/refiners, cutters, pushes, wrappers, bundlers, drying plants, clinical equipment.... and the requested capacity.


Nota: our most basic Plodder / Soap Extruder ability is 80-150kg per hour potential depending the soap noodles quality.


German soap machines spare parts


For any spare element request we need the device brand, the style references, the serial number and the name of the part.


Instances of new soap equipment